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FAQs on Work-from-home Data Entry Jobs

| Data Entry, Guest Posts, Work at Home Tips | September 17, 2012

Work from home Faqs on Data Entry Jobs

What do work from home data entry jobs entail?

work from home questionsData entry is the process of typing information or data provided by the client into a form, list, document, chart or even onto a website. The data entry worker is usually given the data in a raw form, perhaps a scanned page, and then the worker types the information into whatever outline or form the client has supplied and according to the client’s directions.

Although rare, there are still some data entry jobs that require the worker to look through hard copies of printed material to ferret out the proper information that needs to be entered into the document.

What qualifications do I need to be a data entry worker?

Attention to detail and accurate typing skills are two of the top qualities of a successful data entry home worker. Well-honed organizational skills, the ability to concentrate on the task at hand, and your typing speed will determine how quickly you can finish a job. These skills will affect your hourly pay rate.

What is the profile of the average data entry worker?

Moms and dads who want to stay home and raise their children, people who have disabilities that make the logistics of getting to and from work difficult, and residents of rural or isolated areas where work of any kind is hard to find are some of the people making a living as data entry home workers.

Data entry is also a favorite online job for college students who can make enough money right in their dorm room to pay for personal expenses, school supplies or even treat their dorm mate to a delivery pizza or take-out Chinese food.

People who thought retirement would be endless days of relaxation are finding that they miss the structure of a job and need more money than they originally thought for their retirement years. Many retirees have become enthusiastic data entry home workers.

Underemployed workers, part-time workers and people who’ve lost their jobs due to the economy are also snatching up work from home data entry jobs because opportunities are plentiful and the pay can be exceptional once the worker has consistently turned in outstanding work with a quick turnaround time.

What equipment do I need to start a career in online data entry?

In most cases, work from home data entry jobs require only a reliable Internet connection, a computer and perhaps a phone, and you will be able to accept and complete any online data entry assignment. It is not even necessary to have a high-speed Internet connection, although a speedy connection will allow you to download or upload information at a faster rate.

Of course, for any home-based worker, it’s wise to find a quiet, well lighted area of your home in which to do your assignments. The more work you produce the higher your paycheck will be. Therefore, it is advisable to find a comfortable chair in a spot with few distractions to set up your workspace.

How much money can I make in a day as a data entry worker?

The amount of money one makes in a day directly correlates to the time invested, the quickness of the data entry worker and the ability to stay focused and determined. Some people report making $300 a day while others boast they’ve made much more than that and of course others report less. Each job will be unique and each client will have a special pay rate so although there are no guarantees on how much money one can make doing data entry work, most people find it quite lucrative.

By: Arvin Diaz

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