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Apac Jobs


About Apac Jobs From Home: APAC Customer Services Inc. is one of the leading providers in customer care outsourcing solutions with global BPO services. APAC offers many employment opportunities with flexible schedules. Some positions include: Healthcare Customer Service, Tech Support, Recruitment, and Sales. Besides the benefit of working online, this company offers a comprehensive benefits package which include Healthcare, 401 K, referral bonuses, and paid time off. Check out Apac’s employment section for additional information about their telecommute positions.

Apac Jobs Reviews

  • Thu, 17 Jul 2014 13:44:26 +0000: An APAC Customer Services Customer Service Representative - APAC says "The conditions were crappy, IMO. The CSRs are sitting in front of outdated monitors, and in crappy old chairs." - Glassdoor APAC Customer Services Reviews

    From APAC Customer Services Customer Service Representative - APAC (Past Employee - 2012) — Rating 2.0 out of 5 — Thu, 17 Jul 2014

    They definitely did their best to train in the classroom setting, running through scenarios, and giving pointers on how to handle them. Also, we trained on the programs such as ISIS, and learning how to respond to the customers. And yes, they did pay while you trained: $8/hr in the two week classroom, $10/hr while on A-bay, with $11.50/hr once you certify out onto the floor. Still didn't prepare you for the rude customers, who you would THINK that they'd learn their lesson in ordering X-mas presents/gifts LESS THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE X-MAS!!

    The problem is that the person at the time running the A-bay made it pretty high to cert-out and get on the floor officially. It seemed like every time it came around for me, I always had crazy rude customers, that did not like what you told them, no matter how hard you tried. If you got upset, they'd basically tell you to suck it up, they're not mad at you. Truth is, yes, they ARE MAD AT YOU! Plus, the number of A-bay trainees WAY outnumbered the coaches. And they also put you on the books in real-time, so once 7:30 hit--the coaches were done, and since we're all going from 2pm-closing(noon if you're doing 'mandatory overtime' if you're a holiday hire like I was, and you're leaving at nearly 11pm at night to clear the call cues), they bounced, and from that time until closing, you ARE at the mercy of the real, feet in the flame deal of dealing with crazy rude customers. And the supervisors were out numbered as well, so all you saw were hands and signs up for the floor supervisors to talk to the customers. They slapped the A-bay folks into the 'mandatory overtime' along with everyone else. If you didn't think to schedule an off-the-clock break, you'd mess around and come in at even 10:30am (that's if you were trying to hold onto your one day off, but sometimes you had no choice, especially if you weren't trying to work 12's), and you wouldn't even get a break until the scheduled time of around 1-2 pm, after being there for 3-4 hours, and in desperate need of the bathroom. If you had to go before your scheduled break, that break got shortened up, and you have even less time. Good thing I don't smoke, they fare even less! They had a cafeteria, but they closed at 5pm, so if you had 'lunch' (dinner), you'd have the leave the building during your 30 minute break for it, which seems to fly by. You have to eat, use the bathroom, and smoke if you do, all during that span of time. The biggest one of all to me, was the fact that they had OLD, CRT monitors, and you're looking at that yellow screen all day long, straining your eyes, and the chairs were raggedy! You'd think with all of the money UPS was giving them, they'd update their monitors and chairs. The chairs were over two years old, and with all those bottoms and the turn around, they were worn, wobbly, and raggedy! I've actually seen a girl fall backwards onto the floor because when she leaned back to relax, the top of the chair was so high (more than likely from a previous and tall person sitting in it, and she couldn't even adjust it back down to her height because it was broken)! The few decent chairs in the place, folks had to tape signs to claim them, saying, 'DO NOT MOVE FROM THIS DESK', with the 'person's name' on it's chair. I even had a chair stolen from me, and was stuck hunting one down less than five minutes' time from clocking in! The desks weren't great, either, with the mechanism that allowed you to stand if you wanted to broken, so I was forced to sit all day, in a chair so busted, that I could feel the bottom frame in them! The breaks were super-short; nearly no time to pee, and if you had to take a dump, you were in trouble. Time off?? You'd get one day off, but of course you were working on a Saturday if you did, and depending on how many mandatory hours of overtime you were given, you'd even have to come in for a bit on your day off, and STILL had to come in on Saturday! I remember doing 5 hours on my 'day off', and still had to come in that Saturday! Yeah, it basically takes working with them for two+ years to earn two weeks' vacation. 10 years?? Yeah, that will FINALLY get you to the point where you can take a month off! Seriously??? If you got sick, you couldn't really take time off, based off of the fact that I've seen folks sniffing, coughing, hurriedly blowing their noses between the 1-2 seconds you have before another call comes on your line, and hand sanitizers all over the place. Oh, and we're all within very close proximity to each other! Not good if you tended to get stomach bugs every stinkin' year like clock work like I do. Still doesn't do any good. In the beginning, if you had to take time off, you did not get paid!

    Advice to Senior Management
    Get new chairs and monitors!! Give longer breaks, and also, make it more affordable for a person to pay for the 'healthcare insurance' you provide! Doesn't do much good if you make the premiums so high, that it takes a huge chunk of your check, leaving you next to nothing to pay bills at home!

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