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Money Making Tips for Busy Moms

| Guest Posts, Work at Home Tips | October 28, 2011

How to make moneyMany women want to start their own business but don’t how do you go about doing this? Even if you have children and already work there are plenty of jobs you can do to earn extra money.

1.    What type of business are you going to start? Think about the skills you already have. Write down every skill whether it be professional or things like cake making. Get them all down on paper and work from there as to what business you are going to go into.
2.    Choose something you will enjoy.  If you can get enjoyment out of you business and make some extra money then you are more likely to keep motivated.
3.    Set realistic goals. Don’t let optimistism run away with you and predict a million pound turnover in the first year! Businesses take a while to get established and to get the work out! In your first year you will be learning skills all the time. Once your confidence and customer base grow then you can expect success.
4.    Believe in yourself- This is a very important point. The people who succeed in life are generally people with self believe and those who keep going even when they go through setbacks. Be determined and believe in you and your skills.
5.    Take time for education – make sure you look to learn new skills especially in your first year. Take time to study experts in your field and if they have blogs then follow them. There is a wealth of expert information on the internet. You need to able to distinguish between the experts and the novices passing themselves off as experts.
6.    Create a website and business cards. Don’t forget that many people shop not only for products online but for services. So if you have a business you need a website. Also don’t forget Facebook. Many companies are promoting their services and products through Facebook.
7.    Business Networking is very powerful and should not be forgotten in this digital age! Try to be in regular contact and make friends with other people in your niche. Contacts like this can prove to be very useful.
8.    Don’t reinvent the wheel. Take a look at what other women are doing, Have a look through their Facebook and blogs. Don’t be afraid to steal things they are doing! Looking at what others are doing can really help get your creative juices working. Look at many of the offers or services on offer and devise ways you can do things better or put a better spin on it?
9.    Try to complete at least one task a working day. Leaving job/tasks unfinished can take its toll on your self-confidence. Try to complete at least one task per working day. This will give you a sense of achievement and the mindset that you are getting things done.
10.    Make a weekly list of tasks. List them in order of importance and work your way down the list. Many tasks will be ongoing but try to stipulate what work you should have done. Write down people you need to email and phone. Tick off the list when you complete each task.

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8 Responses to “Money Making Tips for Busy Moms”

  1. I like number 8…although I hope anyone reading it understand the importance of putting your own spin on things. I learned in Business that you can just about guaruntee success by identifying a missing need and then filling it….so by simply repeating blogs and being just another site or person offering the same thing…you just blend in. But if you take that and think of to make it fulfill needs better or how to make it more intersting and fun…then you are on to something! Great post!
    Miranda Grimm recently posted..Stressed to the Max

  2. For me, the list of weekly tasks is a must.
    Angie recently posted..Article Marketing Blog Posts Round-Up

  3. Some great advice for time management.
    Traci Bell recently posted..Work At Home Assessment

  4. Making extra money from home has been an interest of mine for sometime which is why I’m happy that I came across your website. With your online jobs directory and side hustle ideas, I’m bound to find something soon. Thanks for the hard work and effort put into this site.
    Carin@Carin recently posted..Carin

  5. As I watch my wife juggle between being a mom, wife, and home based business owner, I must agree that creating a to do list and prioritizing your tasks is definitely the best tip for busy moms.
    Matthias@new microgaming casinos recently microgaming casinos

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