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The Top Ten Ways for Students to Start Making Money in College

| Extra Cash, Guest Posts | May 5, 2011

making money in collegeCollege itself is expensive. Then you add living costs and the need to upkeep a social life and you have broke college kids. However, using the internet, college students can support themselves and make some extra cash by checking out any of these top ten suggested ways to start making money in college for free.

1.Yahoo! Contributor Network

Turn your college essays and research papers into money. Yahoo offers a way for anyone to submit informational articles and receive an upfront pay as well as a revenue sharing income. Basically you can dig out your old essays and submit to Yahoo Contributor Network.  After a few days Yahoo! Will contact you and tell you what they are willing to pay you for your paper. Usually the pays is $2-$10. Additionally, you can earn more money forever based on page views!

2. ChaCha

Put your skills researching online to use at ChaCha by answering questions. ChaCha is a fun service offered for free. Anyone with text messaging abilities or who can call ChaCha’s 800 number can ask a question, any question, and they will receive a response. ChaCha utilizes home based agents to find the answers using the internet.

3. Quicktate

Enjoy listening in on other people’s voicemails and then turning them into text.  As a Quicktate agent you can log in whenever you want. When a voicemail file comes through to be turned into text, you will hear it through your computer speakers. You simply type out what you hear and submit!

4. Slice The Pie

Listen to music, rate and review it and earn money. Slice The Pie is a great way for upcoming artists to get honest feedback of their music. It is also a great way for music lovers to make some extra money!  After listening to at least 60 seconds of a song, you can rate, review and earn money.

5. Ticket Puller

By using your quick internet abilities you can place orders for concert and even tickets online for clients. If you have quick reaction time then Ticket Puller may be something you enjoy. When someone is eager for tickets that are expected to go fast, they turn to Ticket Puller to ensure they get the tickets they need. Become a ticket puller and you can earn money when you successfully find tickets and book them.

6. Picky Domains

Help companies choose a unique domain name. If your suggestion is chosen, you earn $25 bucks!

7. 20/20 Research

Participate in Focus Groups Online and try products or share your opinion. The pay is generally very worth the time and it is a lot of fun! Participating in focus groups is an extremely easy way to start making money in college because you can do it during your spare time.

8. Userlytics and Usertesting

Review Websites and earn $10 for each review. Both sites listed are companies that help their clients understand just how user friendly their websites are. By being a tester/reviewer you help improve the quality of online sites as well as make extra money!

9.  MarketForce

Mystery Shopping is a great way to get free stuff and or make extra money! Marketforce is one of the most well respected mystery shopping companies and they work with mostly high profile companies. Enjoy a free meal or two, watch a free movie be paid to visit a store or take a picture of sales tags or so on. You choose what you do.

10. Key For Cash

Data Entry is an easy way to make some extra money online. Keyforcash is one of the easiest data entry companies to begin with. Simply type in images of document pieces and submit. Pay is per correct keystroke.

Miranda Grimm is a Work at Home mother of two. She is attending Indiana University Online where she is working toward her degree in Technical and Professional Writing. She is most known for her website where she offers reviews of home based jobs and companies.


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3 Responses to “The Top Ten Ways for Students to Start Making Money in College”

  1. Great tips for kids who need money and want to start working online.
    Bailey recently posted..The Red Pyramid

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    During the writing of this review, I installed the Swagbucks toolbar on my computer at home. At the completion of this review, I had already gained 410 Swag Bucks! Now, I’ve only got 40 to go before I can get a $5 Amazon gift card!

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  3. Hi Dani!
    I’m glad that you enjoyed the site. Please stop by and visit again

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