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How to make money on the side

| Extra Cash, Guest Posts | May 29, 2011

where can I get moneyGuest Post By: Erin E. Schmidt

Do you want to learn how to make money on the side? Well, if you paid attention in English class or simply like to write, then you may be interested in working from home for one of these online businesses: Pick the subject you know the most about: reality TV shows, blues concerts, action movies, restaurants…whatever. How would you like to get paid to write about that thing? is like a blogger’s dream come true. Publish regularly, build a following, and start earning money for the time readers spend looking at your content and the comments they leave. Examiners get paid via PayPal, and the pay can be significant if you pick a popular subject. California-based company Remilon’s mission is “Making education accessible.” Its team of freelance writers contribute articles about careers and educational opportunities. Writers receive an hourly wage, which the company pays out twice a month. If you work for Remilon, you make your own schedule, but are committed to at least 30 hours of work every 2 weeks.

If you apply to work at either Examiner or Remilon, know in advance that you’ll need excellent writing skills, including standard spelling, grammar and punctuation, to be successful. These are only jobs for people who like to write and can spot, and fix, errors in their own content. ChaCha exists to answer questions, typically questions sent in via text message to 242-242 (CHA-CHA). ChaCha guides are there to research the answers, using “cheat sheets” the company provides as well as the Internet. You get paid per question (and graded on accuracy), so the more you work, the more you earn, but it’s another job where you get to make your own hours. ChaCha pays out once you reach a certain earnings level. This one can be a lot of fun; people send in some pretty crazy questions sometimes.

Author bio: Freelance writer Erin E. Schmidt has written for magazines including True Love, The Saturday Evening Post & The Almanac For Farmers and City Folk. She’s the author of The Magical Girls’ Guide to Womanhood and can be found online at

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