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Hobbies That Make Money

| Work at Home Tips | November 16, 2011

Make $ Online - Hobbies That Make MoneyHobbies That Make Money

Wouldn’t it be great to make money doing something you love? If you’re not fulfilled in your career, or if you’re a stay-at-home mom, this may be the perfect time to pursue hobbies that you enjoy that could also bring in a legitimate income.

But you have to choose wisely… No matter how much your husband may love your hand knitted scarves, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will sell like hot cakes online. Check out some of the ideas below to see if you can actually earn money from your hobby:

1. Get crafty. Websites like eBay and Etsy are more popular than ever before. So, if you have a craft that you specialize in and have received rave reviews from friends and family, it may be time to take it to the Internet. Take some time to browse through Etsy to check out the competition.

There’s no use in promoting your wares in an oversaturated market. If you find that there is too much competition in your niche, consider changing your craft slightly within the same market. This may give you the edge you need to cater to an untapped customer base looking for exactly what you’re selling. Bingo!

2. Get organized. If friends constantly call you anal-retentive, and you take it as a compliment, you may be perfect as a professional organizer. Believe it or not, people are looking for consultants with exceptional organizational skills to organize their homes, offices, and even lives.

Check out other professional organizer services online to see if you can offer the same skills to potential clients. If you don’t have any training or a clue about what you’re doing, consider hooking up with a mentor to find out more about a professional organizing career. The good news is that the startup cost for this type of business is minimal. If you have a computer and the organizational skills, you can get your business going.

3. Get writing. If you can’t seem to find a niche for what you love, then maybe you need to write about it and become an expert on the topic. The good news is that this is something that anyone can do, whether you’re an enthusiast of wine, cooking, or even antiques.

If you create a blog that becomes a legitimate database in your niche, you’ll be able to draw traffic on a regular basis. And once you have traffic coming to your blog, you can put up advertising or sell affiliate products to make money doing what you love.

Bethany Ramos is a full-time freelance writer that co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump. The Coffee Bump specializes in a wide variety of Bunn coffee makers and assorted coffee and espresso products.

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