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Earning Extra Cash from Surveys at Home

| Surveys for Cash, Work at Home Tips | May 6, 2012

Who can Earn Cash from Surveys at Home?

Surveys For CashAnyone looking to make extra money from home or supplement their income should consider earning cash from taking surveys. Easy to do from the comfort of your own front room and available to anyone with ready access to the internet, this could potentially earn you a substantial amount of money over time, without much effort and no specialist knowledge required. Marketing companies and focus groups are not only interested in your opinions, they will pay you for them too as this can be a valuable tool for canvassing popular opinions, whether about politics, consumer goods and products, or lifestyle.  Popular focus groups include students, mothers of young children and business people who may be in the market for office products and supplies.

How to Earn Cash from Taking Surveys at Home

There are various methods of boosting your income and earnings by taking surveys from home, whether it is simple online surveys, joining focus groups, or undertaking product tests. Sign up to a number of sites to maximise your earning potential, then whenever you have a spare minute or ten, simply complete the surveys or tests online. Some focus groups or testers will invite people for interviews or to test a product live, in which case you can expect to earn a lot more, sometimes between £30 and £50. Do an online search for the best and most profitable sites before you get started, then join as many as you can.  

How Much can I Earn?

Not only can you earn cash from doing surveys or product tests, but many companies will throw in incentives such as shopping vouchers, holidays or products to be won as well.  Typically, surveys could pay anything from a few pence to a few pounds for each one you complete. Interviews for focus groups should pay more. Some sites also offer cash back as a reward to loyal users. Remember that surveys and product tests can be sporadic, so you may get a rush at any one time or nothing for weeks or months.  Consumer review sites will also pay anything from a few pence upwards for your time to simply write a review on their site, or expect to be paid in tokens or points which can then be converted into shopping vouchers for retailers such as Amazon or major supermarkets.

What to Avoid when Taking Surveys from Home

It’s important to never put yourself out of pocket by completing surveys or tests online, so never sign up to anything that requires you to pay money upfront or joining fees.  Similarly, if doing a product test or interview, ensure that there will be actual payment before making a commitment. Watch out for popular scams, such as screens that freeze or seem to shut down, and don’t leave your money in a particular site for too long as you never know when it will close down, thus leaving you out of pocket.

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6 Responses to “Earning Extra Cash from Surveys at Home”

  1. I really like taking surveys on Amazon Mechanical Turk. I haven’t been able to get into them anywhere else.

  2. Hi Carla
    Nice post
    I found you blog from bloggeries forum
    I agree .. all paid online surveys which requires joining fee are most likely to be scam websites. There are many legitimate paid survey websites that can offer extra income online. everyone should do some research before they join these websites.

    nice post once again


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