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Creative Ways to Make Money

| Extra Cash, Jobs for teens online | December 3, 2010

Many stay at home moms are seeking online job opportunities to help support the needs of their family. However, traditional work from home jobs may not always be a good option especially if they have children that require a lot of attention.  After conversing with different moms on work from home forums, I’ve learned that online customer service jobs can literally be an inconvenience because it’s difficult to keep your children quiet.  Here are some creative ways to make money! No land line necessary:

  Make Money by Flipping Websites (No experience Required)

A lot of small businesses are looking for someone build a website for them so that they can establish an online presence.  This is where you’ll come in.  Now before you start complaining that you have no experience with building websites, please continue reading.

  Get Paid For Your videos

If you have the ability to create videos of literally anything and then upload them to video sharing sites such as Flixya, Revver, and Media Flix then you will be able to generate income from their revenue sharing program. All that you’ll need to do is create an account with the video sharing sites listed above and start uploading videos. Simple as that  :)

Write for Demand Studios

 If you’re into writing articles, then becoming a writer for Demand Studios may be a good option for generating some income from home. Demand Studios pay individuals to write articles on many different topics.  Writers can earn between $7- $15 per article and are paid via PayPal twice a week for approved articles.

Make Money with Paid Focus Groups

Participating in paid focus groups are kind of similar to taking online surveys except you will make a little more money and most studies will be done locally in a physical location.  Focus group panelists can earn anywhere from $50- $200 dollars for a few hours of group or individual participation. If you are interested in participating in paid focus groups, I would recommend checking the website for potential focus group opportunities within your area.

Make Some Money With Google Adsense

  Thanks to many Adsense revenue sharing sites, people don’t even need to have their own website in order to earn money from Google Adsense program.  You can earn money from reviewing websites, participating in questions and answer sites, forum posting, sharing videos, etc…   Admoolah created a pretty extensive list of Adsense revenue sharing sites that I would recommend checking into.

Sell your unwanted items on Ebay or Ecrater

 Many people are making thousands of dollars per month from selling used junk from their home, consignment shops, and donated items from others on Craigslist. You can do the exact same thing from home. How much stuff do you have just chillin’ in your garage?

Become an Online Tutor

Tutoring takes a lot of time and patience. If you’re able to contribute a few hours per week to help others in various subjects then applying to companies like,, or may be a great opportunity for you to make some extra money and help others achieve educational goals at the same time.

Write reviews online.

Writing reviews can be very rewarding especially when you’re writing about things that you love. Sites like Review Stream, Shvoong, and are legitimate online sites that accept and pay individuals for contributing their unique reviews.

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29 Responses to “Creative Ways to Make Money”

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